to the end of 2011 ♥

Something about VOGUE Fashion Night's Out 2011! ♥ {Rome; 15th September}

                             Me and Franca Sozzani, director of VOGUE Italia ♥ } 
                                  { Omega models roll in the air of the night♥.. }

                            { Omega total gold collection of jewerly and watches!  }


Down the stairs into the Grand Palais, we found ourselves wandering in a bleached white sea bed with giant shells, sea horses and sea weed climbing up towards the huge, glimmering shower curtain that contained it all. Karl Lagerfeld once again surpassed himself with the set - money as ever no object in his quest for newness and perfection.
Flat soled metallic silver booties, pearl belts and little bags dripping with silken seaweed coils accessorised these sea nymphets, and colour bled in by way of pink and black blurred coral bed prints. One dress rippled with black-edged, pink printed chiffon scales, another had puffed black lace sleeves and fell in tiers of pale sequins, its top half overlaid in translucent chiffon to camouflage it just slightly from a predator's gaze. One of my fav pieces of this collection is the fifteenth outfit! So chic!

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